TreoHour for Palm OS

A Palm Treo Chime Application w/ Keyguard and Popup Activation
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Version: 5.0

TreoHour by: TreoTown, last updated: 06/12/2007

Requirements: Palm OS 5

About TreoHour

TreoHour is a small chime application that causes the Treo to emit audible beeps every quarter hour (single beep), half hour (single beep) or one hour (two beeps). TreoHour has several user configurable options.From v2.5 on, the "Full Screen" option also displays the ringer status and alerts, messages and email counts. Now, includes KeyGuard and PopUp functionality. v4.6 onwards has support for MIDI chimes. Slider unlock feature from v4.7 onwards. Be aware of the passage of time with TreoHour.

TreoHour, compatible Devices

AT&T Palm Treo 650, AT&T Palm Treo 680, Palm Treo 600, Palm Treo 650, Palm Treo 680, Palm Treo 700p

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