Controlled Substances Database for Palm OS

The Controlled Substances Database allows Heath Care Providers to store prescribing history per patient.
Controlled Substances Database
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Controlled Substances Database by: Pace Medical Applications, last updated: 15/12/2007

Requirements: Palm OS 3.0, 159k

About Controlled Substances Database

Controlled Substances Patient Database for Palm OS 3.0 - 6.1 Keep Track of your Controlled Substances Prescribing quickly and easily with the Controlled Substances Prescription Tracker and Database. Organizes Prescribing history per patient. Includes Complete List of Controlled Drugs schedule II-V with drug information. Features Include:
  • Quickly and Easily Stores Information per Patient
  • Each entry includes Medication Name, Date, Patient Name, Quantity, and Refills
  • Entries are Quckly Retrieved from drop down lists for Easy Access
  • Program written where all Information specific for each each Medication
  • Example: Dilaudid, Dosages 2mg, 4mg, 8mg, 3mg supp, 1 mg/cc liquid, Disp: 60, 0 refills
  • Includes a Complete Medication List and an Easy to Set Up Favorites List
  • Favorites list is a list of Frequently Prescribed Controlled Substances
  • New Medications are easily Added to the Database
  • Comes with preset list of both Dosages and Quantiities
  • Number of Refills are also preset according to Schedule: Schedule II-0x, Schedule III-V 0-5x
  • Includes Anabolic Steroids and Androgens (Schedule III)
  • Each Medication has its own reference including Brand Name, Generic Name, Schedule, Doasages,Number of Refills allowed
  • Also includes abusable but not Federally controlled drugs like Soma, Ultram, Fioricet, etc.
  • Allows the practioner to have Patient Database at Home, in the Office, in the Hospital, Outlying Clinics, While Driving, etc
  • New Dosages can be easily Added or Removed
  • New Quantities can be easily Added or Removed then listed in Numeric Order
  • Incorrect Data Entries can be Quickly and Easily Modified without Deleting Entire Entry
  • Allows Patients to be stored with First and Last Name, Date of Birth and SSN
  • Includes Passcode to protect Patient's Privacy if Lost
  • Includes Automatic Lock Out Mode where passcode needs to be reentered whenever the Practioner's Palm goes to sleep mode
  • Without a doubt the most use application on my PDA
  • Free 7 Day Trial
  • HighRes Image Support
  • Written with HB++, Application with No Runtime, Extremely Small & Fast!
  • For Palm OS 3.0 to 6.1
  • Installs on Palm or SD Cards
  • All Free non major upgrades!
  • Designed and Programmed by a Practicing Physician for Other Health Care Professionals

Controlled Substances Database, compatible Devices

Handspring Treo 180, Handspring Treo 270, Handspring Treo 300, Handspring Treo 90, Handspring Treo Series, Handspring Visor, Handspring Visor Deluxe, Handspring Visor Edge, Handspring Visor Platinum, Handspring Visor Prism, Handspring Visor Pro, Palm Centro, Palm III, Palm IIIc, Palm IIIe, Palm IIIx, Palm IIIxe, Palm LifeDrive, Palm TX, Palm Treo 600, Palm Treo 650, Palm Treo 680, Palm Treo 700p, Palm Treo 755p, Palm Tungsten C, Palm Tungsten E, Palm Tungsten E2, Palm Tungsten T, Palm Tungsten T2, Palm Tungsten T3, Palm Tungsten T5, Palm Tungsten W, Palm V, Palm VII, Palm VIIx, Palm Vx, Palm Z22, Palm Zire, Palm Zire 21, Palm Zire 31, Palm Zire 71, Palm Zire 72, Palm i705, Palm m100, Palm m105, Palm m125, Palm m130, Palm m500, Palm m505, Palm m515, Sony CLIE N Series, Sony CLIE N760C, Sony CLIE NR Series, Sony CLIE NX Series, Sony CLIE NZ Series, Sony CLIE S Series, Sony CLIE S320, Sony CLIE SJ Series, Sony CLIE SL Series, Sony CLIE T Series, Sony CLIE T415, Sony CLIE TG Series, Sony CLIE TH55, Sony CLIE TJ25, Sony CLIE TJ27, Sony CLIE TJ35, Sony CLIE TJ37, Sony CLIE UX40, Sony CLIE UX50 Series, Sony CLIE VZ90, Sprint Palm Centro, Sprint Palm Treo 755p, Symbol SPT 1500, Symbol SPT 1550, Symbol SPT 1700, Symbol SPT 1740, Symbol SPT 1800, TRGpro, Verizon Palm Treo 700p

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