Infectious Diseases Emergency Department Diagnosis and Management (InDse™) for Palm OS

Contains comprehensive reviews of common infectious diseases, in addition to practical guidelines on how to treat them.
Infectious Diseases Emergency Department Diagnosis and Management (InDse™)
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Infectious Diseases Emergency Department Diagnosis and Management (InDse™) by: Skyscape, last updated: 04/03/2008

Requirements: Palm OS%XAE: 9.9 MB

About Infectious Diseases Emergency Department Diagnosis and Management (InDse™)

Infectious Diseases Emergency Department Diagnosis and Management
powered by Skyscape Publisher: McGraw-Hill Infectious disease problems are very common in the emergency department, and with international travel and bioterrorism adding new angles, the emergency physician must increasingly be aware of common and more exotic/tropical sources of infection.

Infectious Diseases: Emergency Department Diagnosis and Management is the resource for emergency physicians to offer a clinical reference on diagnosis and management of infectious diseases as they present to the Emergency Department.

Key Features
  • Valuable resource for emergency physicians, house staff, medical students and other health care practioners.
  • Useful as a quick reference guide as well as a source for more in depth review of many infectious diseases.
  • Organized to meet the daily clinical needs of the emergency physician.
  • A practical and easy to use reference that can be utilized "on the job".
  • Demonstrative case presentations for each section.
  • A Treatment Summary section with at-a-glance review of recommended drugs and dosages.
  • Each section outlines "High Yield Facts" for quick and efficient reference.
  • Precise recommendations are provided with antimicrobial dosing for both adults and pediatric patients.
  • Includes sections on Infectious disease emergencies, such as bacterial meningitis, spinal epidural abscesses, and necrotizing soft tissue infections.
  • Contains information on gastrointestinal infections such as hepatitis, infectious diarrhea and more.
  • New interactive flowcharts: Now, complex algorithms and protocols are transformed from static images into dynamic step-by-step decision support tools. See how this innovative feature can quickly and easily walk you through even the most intricate decision models.View flowchart demo>
  • Built-in Medical Calculator: Provide instant access from within topics to the SCORTEN System for Prediciting Mortality in SJS/TEN!
  • Full Images: Images that bring the content to life.
  • Table Viewer: View tables easily and conveniently by rows and columns on the small screen.View tables Viewer demo>
Plus, with Skyscape's powerful SmartLink™ cross-linking capability you can quickly and easily access any related disease and diagnostic topics across your entire mobile reference library.

Infectious Diseases Emergency Department Diagnosis and Management (InDse™), compatible Devices

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