TouchLauncher for Palm OS

TouchLauncher is a launcher with a sleek user interface and the ability to finger scroll pages and launch apps/prefs/links/contacts!
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Version: 1.0.2

TouchLauncher by: Ryhor Burakou, last updated: 09/05/2008

Requirements: Palm OS 5, 170KB RAM (200 Recommended)

About TouchLauncher

TouchLauncherTouchLauncherversion: v.1.0.2price: $6.99 TouchLauncher is a new launcher for Palm OS 5. It sports a beautiful user interface and combines basic launcher features with new ideas. TouchLauncher can be used to run applications on your device with your fingers, as well as perform other basic tasks with them. Features and Screenshots: - Scroll with your finger. Change pages of applications in TL with your fingers! Tap an empty space on a page and drag it left or right to switch to the next page! - Support for iconsets. Iconsets can be created on the desktop and then used in TouchLauncher (a basic iFone iconset is supplied)- Rearrange applications! Yes, you can use the Drag-and-Drop function to take an application icon and put it wherever you like it. It will stay there! - Categorize applications! Press Home or Space on your Treo to quickly change the current category. Or Menu-Y to edit application categories.

- Rename applications! Give each application a unique name! (For example, rename "World Clock" to "Clock") - Basic functions (Beam/Send/Delete/Information). Just take an icon with your finger and drag it to the appropriate icon in the bottom bar! - Add WebLinks and Contact Links*. Add a web link to TL and quickly access your favorite webpage using Blazer. Add a contact link and quickly open your friend''s business card in TouchBook! - Click a letter on the Treo keyboard to highlight the icon, which name starts with that letter!And more cool stuff!Download the trial version and play with it! The trial version supports launching of 10 first applications in TL database. To launch all your apps, purchase a full version!      

TouchLauncher, compatible Devices

Palm Centro, Palm Treo 650, Palm Treo 680, Palm Treo 700p, Palm Treo 755p, Sprint Palm Centro, Sprint Palm Treo 755p, Verizon Palm Treo 700p, Verizon Palm Treo 755p

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